In S05E47, The Red Throne, Cinnamon Bun is hanging out with Flame Princess in Fire Kingdom. During the entire episode, he's blue. No one remarks on this, nor do we see how he became blue. Last time we saw him, he was not blue, and was serving drinks during the Apple Wedding. Nothing in that episode caused the color change.

Why is he blue in this episode?


I havent seen the episode yet, but unless there was some massive change, it is a flame shield casted on him to protect him from the fire kingdom environment. At the bottom of this page, you'll see examples of Finn and Jake with it, and they are blue (I can't link the images for some reason). Flambo casts the shield the first time (I think) it's seen in Incendium.

  • Those images match the hue of CB. – user1027 Feb 11 '14 at 17:56

He had a spell cast on him probably from flambo this has happened to fin and Jake when they went to the flame kingdom

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