I think this was a kids book about a boy who travelled back in time accidentally via a device that used to let people view events from the past but without being there.

  • There was a company who designed it in the future. Might have been around the year 3000, and this kid won a contest and got to use the new device.

  • One event was the killing of the last whale, another was the Big Bang and there were a few others like when life first walked on Earth from the sea.

  • He landed in some kid's closet maybe?

It was a great book.

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    Can you tell us when you read this? What language/country? Was it a short story or a novel? – Sindi Feb 11 '14 at 20:55

You're referring to "Rule #1: Don't Touch Anything", part of the TimeJumpers series of books by James Valentine.

The first and only rule of time travel in the year fifteen billion and seventy-three is simple enough: DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING. Theodore Pine Four is perfectly willing to follow this rule when he wins a contest for the latest TimeMaster JumpMan. If all goes according to plan, this new model should send him -- as an invisible onlooker -- to an exciting time and place for a five-minute test-run. But instead of landing somewhere cool, like the fall of Troy or the sinking of the Titanic, why does he end up in the middle of some girl's bedroom in the twenty-first century, where nothing interesting is happening?

Farah offers some additional info in her review here:

Jules and Gen, two teens, are the in the room in which Theo materialises, and who need to keep him occupied at the same time as they sort out their own problems. While Theo works out how to get the co-ordinates to go home, they jump with him to different times, including the First Fish, and the Last Whale. Eventually, when Theo falls sick, Jules jumps forward to bring back his parents.

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