I read the short story years ago about a con man who keeps trying to use time travel to get an inheritance. After all his scheming the universe uses a small meteor to kill the man in order to stop his meddling.

What's the name of that story?


"Try and Change the Past" by Fritz Leiber (first published in Astounding Science Fiction, March 1958, available at the Internet Archive), a story in Leiber's Change War series:

If a statistician is looking for an example of a highly improbable event, he can hardly pick a more vivid one than the chance of a man being hit by a meteorite. And, if he adds the condition that the meteorite hit him between the eyes so as to counterfeit the wound made by a 32-caliber bullet, the improbability becomes astronomical cubed. So how's a person going to outmaneuver a universe that finds it easier to drill a man through the head that way than postpone the day of his death?

You may have read it in one of these.

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