When I was a teenager , there was a sci-fi fantasy animation TV series about a floating city above the clouds that guarded by flying humans with white wings who look like angels. In the other site there was a red monster with black wings and horns who looks like the devil and had a servant.

In this story earth looked like an active volcano, and there were a lot of rivers of magma. The city has a very old scientist who was in charge of keep the city floating.

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    Thank you for asking this. It seems so familiar, but I can't put a name or an identifiable image to it. I hope someone knows it. – rws Feb 16 '14 at 22:08
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    When were you a teenager? – Mr Lister Feb 17 '14 at 11:37
  • It been something like 14 years since I've started searching this TV series, i was 4 years old when i watched Dragon Flyz, so i don't have enough memories left in my brain so I can describe what Im searching for, but i knew deep down in my heart that show was one of the best animations TV series That I watched when i was a child.And today I decided to do another desperate research and i finally found it ! So thank you DSaad you was able to describe it perfectly and Paul D. Waite for your answer. – Paper wings Aug 31 '17 at 23:18

Dragon FLyz - Series Poster

Are you thinking of "Dragon Flyz"?

Here's an overview of the show:

The year is 4180 AD. Our planet, completely devastated by a great natural cataclysm, is covered by dark swamps and shaken by violent volcanic eruptions.

The last survivors of the human race have built a flying city, Airlandis, and drift above the turmoil, in search of a region spared by the destruction. But this will not be an easy quest...

Dread Wing, a tyrannical mutant warrior, has proclaimed himself sole ruler of the dying planet, and that includes the human's flying city too! For the four Dragon Flyz - Z'neth, Summit, Apex and Peak and their flying mounts - the Dragons - a bitter fight begins against Dread's troops.

A description of the "wings" that enable them to fly:

All the main characters, good or evil, ride dragon mounts into battle, but have the ability to fly short distances themselves. The Dragonators make use of a technology whereby dragonfly-like wings (known as "Exo-wings") emerge from the back-plate of their armor; whereas Dread Wing and his minions the Dramen literally 'sprout' membraneous wings from their shoulders.

dragon flyz - dread wing - pic 01 dragon flyz - dread wing - pic 02

More about the chief bad guy:

Dread Wing is the chief antagonist of the story, established in a cave complex known as "Warnado" but anxious to live in the sky. His Dragon, Blackheart, is the only one seen capable of breathing fire.

And just for the heck of it, some trivia:

Dragon Flyz was based on the Galoob toy line of the same name, which featured action figures that could actually launch into the air and float down, helicopter-style (similar to the same company’s Sky Dancers toys). Like most other toy-related cartoons, this show’s fortunes rose and fell with its plastic counterpart. When sales of the Dragon Flyz figures didn’t meet expectations, the animated series was cancelled, leaving fans with only 26 episodes of memories.

~ Edited from Wikipedia, Dragon Flyz Wiki, TooNaRifiC and The BIG CARTOON Database

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