Film might be base on a novel from Stephen Baxter: Ark (2009)

  • extreme climate (flood, huricane..) has made life impossible on Earth
  • astronauts are sent to another star so they can save the human race
  • spaceship is controlled by a computer like HAL 9000
  • yes, it kills their captain
  • ... by taking out the air in the pressure chamber
  • close to Saturn (I think) they must decide go/no-go
  • their interstellar spacecraft is propelled by nuclear explosions
  • think it's a 2000-2010

Virtuality (2009) - Cast Pic

Virtuality (2009)

A spaceship from Earth is equipped with a virtual-reality device to help those aboard cope with their 10-year mission. But when the system malfunctions, it puts the Phaeton's crew -- and the fate of their planet -- in jeopardy.

From the movie's Wikipedia page, here are a few plot points:

The pilot picks up approximately six months after the launch of the Phaeton [and it's getting closer and closer to Neptune]. The crew now faces a "go or no-go" situation, in that they are fast approaching their last chance to change course back towards Earth.

However, their home planet is quickly becoming uninhabitable, with dry land becoming a commodity. Scientists estimate that the planet will become completely inhospitable within the next hundred years. The Phaeton's priority mission has been changed to that of searching out and discovering a new planet for humans to inhabit.

Virtuality (2009) - Pic 01

The AI begins to take control of the ship...

[Lately] the crew's virtual reality simulators have been experiencing several bizarre glitches, all of which involve a mysterious man, whose acts against the crew inside the virtual simulations become more and more disturbing.

Virtuality (2009) - Pic 02

Commander Frank Pike is the one leading the mission. A description of the "accident":

The communications array fails to deploy, and after Dr. Jules Braun tries everything that he can from inside the ship, Pike, Rika, Val Orlovsky and Manny Rodriguez prepare to identify the problem from the outside.

While preparing for EVA [Extra-vehicular activity], the airlock chamber closes by itself, with Pike inside and without his pressure suit helmet. Despite efforts to save him, the airlock opens and Pike is killed.

~ Synopsis from allmovie; Images from DEN OF GEEK!, NY Daily News and TrekMovie.com

Read more about it here and here.

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