Why didn't Ben Tennyson, use all the ultimate aliens?

Is there a specific reason, or the designers didn't have time to design those characters?

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Per the Ben 10 wikia;

"Albedo stole the Ultimatrix and was able to stabilize the core, as well as "surpassing" the prototype Omnitrix by adding the evolutionary function. Unfortunately for him, Ben's DNA was still the default for the Omnitrix and the Ultimatrix was still linked to the same database, so Albedo only had access to Ben's current aliens"

Although Ban is shown to add and upgrade new alien DNA that he comes into contact with, he mostly uses the existing upgraded aliens built into the Ultimatrix.

In a later episode, we find that Ben has pretty much stopped capturing aliens (pokemon style), having discovered the ability to upgrade himself to "Ultimate Ben" which he considers to be the "ultimate upgrade".

Ultimate Ben

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