I read a book or series in the mid 1980's which featured:

  • organic computers that had to be connected to a tap by the hacker so that the running water would cool them
  • main character(s) injected with nano-chips (as children?) that gave them special (mental?) abilities
  • high-tech spy gear included a cool-suit which absorbed body heat to elude thermal imaging cameras around the yard of a building, but had a limited usability because after a certain amount of time the heat-sinks would have to vent steam or else quickly cook the wearer.

Unsure if within the same series, but there was one character who stowed away on a spaceship which was travelling to one of the gas-giant planets in our Solar System (Jupiter or Saturn?) and within the gas giant whale-like intelligences were discovered.

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I don't have an answer regarding the book with the spy-gear, but I might have a match for the other one.

This review of Robert Reed's The Well of Stars (Wikipedia) talks about:

the whale-like creatures of a gas giant's moon who come together emitting radio waves to sing to the gas giant's own, natural, electromagnetic radio broadcast as these marine aliens think the gas giant is a god speaking to them.

and describes the main characters as

human stowaway commanders ... now in charge and gallivanting around the Galaxy.

Not sure how good a match this is - I suspect the stowing away would have to have been in its prequel, Marrow, and to be honest it seems that the human crew would only be stowaways from the POV of the ship's missing alien crew (if it ever had one!)

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    Thanks @Astrid_Redfern. The whale-like creature reference was very hopeful. The rest of the summaries suggest a story unfamiliar to me. My search continues...
    – user23224
    Apr 23, 2021 at 5:16

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