It is Known that Melkor (Morgoth) destroyed the Two Lamps, Ormal And Illuin. Meanwhile Valinor was lit by the Two Trees, and in Middle-earth the first light that Elves-Quendi beheld was that of the stars, when they awoke In Cuiviénen. My question is: what lit Arda during that, and before the Sun and Moon appeared? Only the Stars?

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From the Silmarillion, chapter 1:

But as the ages drew on to the hour appointed by Ilúvatar for the coming of the Firstborn, Middle-earth lay in a twilight beneath the stars that Varda had wrought in the ages forgotten of her labours in Eä.

Chapter 3:

Middle-earth lay in a twilight under the stars. While the Lamps had shone, growth began there which now was checked, because all was again dark.

Also Chapter 3:

Then Varda went forth from the council, and she looked out from the height of Taniquetil, and beheld the darkness of Middle-earth beneath the innumerable stars, faint and far.

And Chapter 11:

These things the Valar did, recalling in their twilight the darkness of the lands of Arda; and they resolved now to illumine Middle-earth and with light to hinder the deeds of Melkor.

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    Strange...twilight is caused by the sun
    – a_a
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  • As the world was still flat at that point, I would imagine an eternal twilight in the west from the 2 trees, calling to the elves to go to Valinor
    – MrEvers
    Sep 15, 2020 at 18:54

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