I read this short story a while back about this grey goo planet, figured one of you might have happened upon it.

  • starts off with a space fleet investigating a planet
  • grey, completely spherical, uniform to the core in its composition

  • drones sent to surface disappear and are consumed

  • captain of main craft realises it's the remnants of a nanite experiment gone awry
  • self-replication took over entire planet without a kill switch

  • planet obtains drone tech and with it, ballistic weapons and space travel

  • proceeds to destroy fleet and send infection craft to other systems

  • secondary craft has the last lightdrive in what remains of the fleet

  • sends remaining crew and tech with it to warn the rest of the galaxy

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Among the list of "grey goo" stories on TV Tropes, provided in the comments by Richard, is "Gorge" by Sam Hughes, which fits the description. Here it is: http://qntm.org/gorge

  • Even if this turns out not to be the right story, it was still an excellent read. You have my +1
    – Valorum
    Mar 5, 2014 at 19:49

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