I understand that the live-action TV shows are separate from the comics, and that the recent/upcoming DC movies are separate from the TV shows, but do any of the shows share a continuity universe?

Before I stopped watching, the Green Arrow appeared in Smallville, and I remember hearing that the show Arrow was pitched as a spin-off, but I believe it uses a different actor.

I know there was also the short lived Birds of Prey series, and apparently Human Target is based off of a DC property as well.

  • I thought the new Arrow was a spinoff too, but when I watched it they've clearly made it its own continuity.
    – joshbirk
    Mar 5, 2014 at 15:29

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All of the aired television series based on any DC property do not share the same continuity. Smallville did feature it's own version of Oliver Queen, however he is not the same Oliver Queen who appears in Arrow. However, the character of Barry Allen who appeared on an episode of Arrow will be staring in his own Flash series, produced by the same company and taking place in the same universe as Arrow, with the possibility of a crossover (probably during sweeps week). With the upcoming series Gotham being owned and produced by Warner Brothers, and airing on Fox, and the John Constantine series being under development for NBC the chances of any of them sharing continuity with Arrow and the Flash (who are owned and produced by the CW) is highly unlikely.


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