It may be a famous movie. I saw it some 10 years back in TV. A family moves to a house which is haunted. I think there is a 15 year old girl and a little boy. There is a man who works in the farm, and there appears a murder of crows associated with the presence of a ghost.The ghosts are really evil. At the end, the man in the farm has something to do with the ghosts in the house. Can anyone tell which was it?

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The Messengers (2007) - Movie Poster

Could be "The Messengers (2007)".

Unemployed and running short of money, Roy moves his family to a deserted farm house in the hopes of cultivating sunflowers and selling the seeds for profit.

Once at the house, they witness a series of strange events and soon enough we learn of the tragic incident that took place in the house years prior.

The Messengers (2007) - Pic 01

From this page, some of the details you mentioned:

The house always has crows flying over it. Some attack Roy [the dad]. But they're driven away by a man named John Burwell, who Roy hires to help with the farm.

The Messengers (2007) - Pic 02 The Messengers (2007) - Pic 03

And from the movie's Wikipedia entry:

While at a local store, Jess [the teenage daughter] sees a newspaper clipping of the family, with the father revealed to be none other than John Burwell, who has always been kind to her.

Spoiler about the ending:

As it turns out, John is actually John Rollins, the man who, in a fit of madness, murdered his entire family, shown in the beginning of the film.

There was a prequel movie released about the story of John Rollins named Messengers 2: The Scarecrow which is truer to plot originally suggested for The Messengers.

~ Synopsis edited from The Cinemaniac and The Horror Hothouse; Movie stills from Film Europe

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