At the beginning of the episode Alone (S04E13) Daryll and Glenn pull up on someone new named Bob (Stookey) but Daryll is really with Maggie's sister and Glenn is alone. This makes no sense.

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    The beginning was the past. The story is told a little bit out of order. Please don't watch Memento as it may cause you to explode. – Meat Trademark Mar 10 '14 at 12:29
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I presume you're talking about the episode "Alone".

If you've only watched the beginning, things would look a bit odd and out of place. Because the episode in question opens with a flashback.

Here's part of a recap:

The episode began with a flashback montage of Bob on his own walking through the woods and looking defeated. He runs into Daryl and Glenn, who give him the Rick-approved line of questioning about his apocalypse life.

From another episode summary:


Origin story! Sort of. The start of one, anyway. Bob even gets a cool song as he’s wandering slowly through the forest.


He hears Daryl's chopper coming down the road to the rescue. So this is right as Daryl finds him, about a week before the start of Season 4. Can you imagine Daryl literally riding in to rescue you? It’s Daryl and Glenn who come by him.

Yet another reviewer's take on it:

The cold open kicks off with a glimpse at pre-Prison Bob Stookey. A haunted, tortured soul with a shady past, Bob has been an enigma for most of this season. Here, he's scruffier than we're used to seeing him, armed with a machete and his signature canvas/leather backpack.


That is until a pickup truck and motorcycle appear on the road. Glenn and Daryl approach Bob, weapons at the ready.

Following this flashback, the scene shifts back to the present with Bob, Maggie, and Sasha fighting a group of (what else) zombies.

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