I understand that Morpheus and Trinity were going there to use an exit, but where was The Keymaker going to go? He couldn't go back to the real world, could he?

EDITED to add this bit of dialogue to show that they are indeed running to the Winslow Overpass to get an exit.

Link: Operator.

Morpheus: Get us out of here, Link.

Link: That won't be easy, sir.

Morpheus: I know. We're inside the core network.

Link: Yes sir. The only exit I got near you is the Winslow Overpass.

Morpheus: Off the freeway?

Link: Yes, sir.

Morpheus: Fine, we'll make it.

It's clear they change plans once the tyres are shot out, and then again when Neo rescues them. But I still think it's unclear exactly why going specifically to the Winslow Overpass for an exit will help The Keymaker, rather than saying something like 'let's use the confusion of the freeway to allow our getaway from the agents/twins'

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  • I've made a slight edit but I stand by my original post that they're primarily looking to get to a safe house. Presumably all of their safehouses are built around exits.
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They aren't running to, they're running from.

Immediately prior to the Freeway scene, Morpheus and Trinity kidnap/rescue the Keymaker and are making their way out when they're accosted by the ghostly twins. After attempting to evade them for a few minutes their antics attract the attention of the local law enforcement as well as several Agents.

Morpheus takes the decision (after speaking to Link) to go onto the Freeway as their best hope of losing the various baddies who're chasing them and to get to a pre-prepared safehouse with its own exit.

It's quite reasonable to assume that their ultimate plan was to get themselves to the exit, leaving Neo (on his arrival) to deal with the Agents and keep the Keymaker safe.

After they make good their escape, courtesy of Superneo their ultimate destination isn't to exit the matrix but to rendezvous with their support teams in a safe-house which the script describes as "Interior : Abandoned Apartment"

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  • How abandoned is it, if they’re all inside it, though? Dec 25, 2021 at 13:08

Given the crew's ability to take elements from The Matrix and recreate them in the Construct and vice-versa (notably the same battered armchairs and telephone seen in the famous battery speech and the guns that Neo collects from the storeroom) then it's at least possible that their intention was to transfer the Keymaker into the Construct program, allowing them to interact with him at their leisure.

This is precisely what happens in The Matrix Resurrections. The crew are able to sustain a programmatical version of Morpheus, uploaded from a version of the Matrix into the computer on their hovership and to then interact with him in their Construct. There's no obvious reason why that technique wouldn't apply to a willing exiled program.

This would explain why they didn't simply make for the nearest door (even though they'd already seen the Keymaker's abilities) and why they were so keen to get to an exit rather than merely losing the Agents that were chasing them.


I believe the Keymaker would have exited the Matrix and been saved onto a disc or what not.


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