Leo Crow essentially commits suicide in the movie. This is contrary to what the pre-cogs predicted, but it is a death of passion. If Agatha had been in the temple, would the pre-cogs have created a brown ball for this passionate death, which was essentially self inflicted?

  • They did see Crow's murder. However, Anderton chooses not to go through with it at the last moment, thus invalidating the whole science behind pre-crime. Crow's blackmail by Burgess was just insurance so that framing of Anderton would still look authentic (since Burgess knows that pre-crime is fallible.) – Chahk Mar 10 '14 at 21:49

No, they don't detect suicides.

From the original script by Scott Frank

ANDERTON : The Precogs don't see what you intend to do, only what you will do.

WITWER : Then why can't they see rapes, or assaults... or suicides?

FLETCHER : Because of the nature of murder.

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