There's an episode of The Next Generation that focuses on the Ensign-level crew members, rather than the Command-level crew.

I cannot remember the name of this episode - and I do not remember enough details about the episode to look up the name of this episode either.

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It's Season 7 Episode 15 of Star Trek: The Next Generation, entitled "Lower Decks".

In this episode, a rare insight into the lives of junior officers aboard the Enterprise is covered. The plot focuses on four crew members that are wondering about their crew evaluations.

The episode follows the character Sito Jaxa (played by Shannon Fill) introduced in "The First Duty" (S5, E19) and provides more backstory for the Cardassian, Bajoran, and Federation conflict.

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    You might also want to check out "The First Duty" as it focuses on Starfleet Cadets; jammersreviews.com/st-tng/s5/firstduty.php
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    @Richard With at least one of the characters from that episode showing up in "Lower Decks", thank you for the suggestion.
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    This type of episode is known as a Lower Deck episode - this episode is (obviously) the trope namer. TvTropes link, btw.
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    @eidylon Good Shepherd
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This subject matter is also discussed in Star Trek: Voyager's "Good Shepherd" (Season 6, Episode 20).

Captain Janeway goes on an away mission with three troubled crew-members in shuttle.

"Learning Curve" (Season 1, Episode 16) also looks at it to a lesser extent.

Some of the crew of the Maquis ship Val Jean which had become part of the Voyager crew due to the destruction of their own vessel experience problems getting along with the Federation crew. They have to get trained by Tuvok to better operate aboard their new ship. Both crews are stranded on the other side of the Galaxy from Earth, after being abducted by an extra-galactic alien that abducted and medically tortured the crews of Voyager and Val Jean, killing a number of them in the process.

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    There's also the DS9 episode "Empok Nor", which puts some spotlight on the crewmen. Commented Mar 15, 2014 at 8:45

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