Below you can see a couple of images of certain angles of the Enterprise D's bridge, compared with the Ferengi Marauder. There is a striking similarity between them and I was wondering if the former was the basis of the design for the latter?

Notice the circular section

Ferengi ship from front

And from the back

Ferengi ship from back

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According to Startrek.com, the Marauder ship (better known as a D'Kora Class) was designed by Andrew Probert and inspired by the shape of a Horseshoe crab on the desk of Herbert J. Wright, Senior producer of Star Trek TNG.

"The Ferengi ship I wanted to have, not only an obvious shape difference, but a textural difference as well. The original description of the Ferengi ship ship was a horseshoe crab design with a neck that would extend. The front of the ship I wanted to look fairly dangerous. Something that seems real dangerous-looking to me are the pincers on an earwig insect. I designed the front of the ship to basically have that shape. On the underside of the vessel is a boarding ramp which can be seen when the ship turns around. The back of the ship is basically used for cargo storage seeing how the Ferengi are traders."

In the script of TNG : 'The Last Outpost' it's described as "a strange horseshoe crab-like design"

There is a very extensive description of the genesis of the design as well as a host of concept art here

enter image description here

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