When the Final 4 out of 5 realize they are Cylons, and Sam is about to get in his Cockpit, he says to the Chief "what if a switch flips in my head, and turns me against my own"

While hes flying around a Cylon fighter does a U turn and scans Sams eye with a bar code Scanner. You later see a a Red flash in his eye.

So my questions is what exactly did that do? i never saw any significance in later episodes, but it looks like i missed something. Did he get an Upgrade or something?

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It didn't affect him directly. However, this event more or less directly lead to the civil war/split the cylons went through in the final season. From the BSG Wiki:

The Cylons now suspect that the Final Five reside within the human fleet. Since the Raiders broke off the attack of their own volition, a Cavil decides to have them lobotomized to remove part of their free will. The Four and Five models support that decision, but the Two, Six and Eight models do not. When Sharon Valerii sides with Cavil, he takes that as the deciding vote and has the Raiders lobotomized. In retaliation, a Six named Natalie, now advocating a search for the Five, removes the devices that enslave the Centurions, turning them on Number One's faction (TRS: "Six of One"). This marks the beginning of the Cylon Civil War which forces the rebels and humans to work together in an alliance that ultimately leads to the discovery of Earth and multiple victories over the Ones and their forces.

  • I think i understand now, So the raider spins round but doesn't know Sam is a Cylon until after the scan, and then they turn back. You can see why i was confused because you never see the raiders scanning any other pilots. I thought the opposite, that the raider new about Sam. I need to read on those docs. Shame that Blood and Chrome Never took of the ground. I think B-S-C is well made. Thanks.
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  • let me check, i'm new and don't know how to do that
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    ahh ok, the check mark, learn something new every day
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  • I agree... while it's effects were a little lackluster, B&C could've been a nice addition to the lore. I think it really could've fleshed out and expanded a lot of topics.
    – eidylon
    Commented Jun 18, 2014 at 20:37

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