A group of people who live in a post-apocalyptic world and receive, by chance, a new female member.

She is a cannibal who joins the group just to help the member of her other group to kill and eat the other guys.

The first group lives in a hospital.


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Tooth and Nail from After Dark productions seems to fit the description pretty well;

Tooth and Nail is a post-apocalyptic movie where mankind has depleted all fossil fuel reserves and civilization has collapsed. A group of survivors called Foragers take cover in an abandoned hospital where the group attempt to re-build society. After saving a young girl from being killed and eaten by a group of vicious cannibals called Rovers, the Foragers find themselves on the run from the cannibals, who stalk the survivors and brutally kill them off one-by-one as the Foragers begin to fight back, causing a chaotic battle of blood and mayhem.

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