At the end of Thunderbird 6, we learn that the new Thunderbird is in fact a Tiger Moth. But surely some alterations would have been made to it. Does anyone know of any of Brains' modifications (and I mean besides the paintwork!)

Thunderbird 6 (which looks suspiciously like a normal tiger moth...

  • I am a reasonably big fan of Thunderbirds and after reviewing the movie recently, I found no evidence of any modifications, apart from the paint work :P. The Thunderbirds Wiki doesn't have much to help either. Any other sources I could try that come to mind? – Often Right May 6 '14 at 8:13

It doesn't look like there were any modifications made to the aircraft, either in-universe or out-of-universe (aside from the obligatory upgrade of safety features).

The short featurette "Thunderbird 6 : Tiger Moth" describes the Director David Lane's thinking:

" [my transcript]It was felt that we'd done the one with the hardware, and we now wanted to do something that was amusing. Up came this script with a Tiger Moth in it, which was as far removed from the hardware that was in Thunderbirds as anything I can think of.

You know, it was just an old bi-plane from World War I."

At the end of the film, the plane is redesignated Thunderbird 6 (complete with new paintjob) but then never appears in any other films or shows.

The most obvious suggestion is that this was intended to be an International Rescue "family-joke", basically making the plane a team-mascot.

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