I am looking for novel from 50's or 60's.The book is about a "dream" which he is shown how to wind a coil. He winds it and almost goes through the wall. He later builds a spaceship out of concrete and uses the coils for drive. if i remember he was a owner of some construction company.. thats it there is no more.. please help


You're likely thinking of "The Wailing Asteroid" (1960) by Murray Leinster. A favorite of mine as a kid, only last year did I find the movie based on it: "The Terrornauts" (1967) (adaptation by John Brunner)

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Now, very reflectively, he plugged in a metal lathe and carefully turned out a very tiny specimen of the peculiarly-shaped magnetic core. He wound it by hand, very painstakingly. It was a tricky job. It was six o'clock Saturday morning when the specimen was finished. He connected the leads to a storage battery and threw the switch. The small object tore itself to bits, and the core landed fifteen feet from where it had been. Burke beamed.

  • I have to find a copy of this now!! I loved and it more than 40 years ago..and It stuck with me.. I have been looking with google for about a year! Thank you again – Phoenixcomm Apr 3 '14 at 16:20

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