What is the title of a 80's (i believe?) movie where humans in the far future are going extinct, and are aquiring new humans by going back in time to todays world, kidnapping air travelers that are known to have died that day, from the flying passenger aircraft just before its crashing.

A key visual:

A key visual of a (flying) aircraft tail sticking out of a time portal.

Inside a hangar, a time portal opened, and a tail of a (flying) passenger aircraft extruded into the hangar where a stairs provided access to the back door of the aircraft.

The kidnappers made sure the surviving passengers remain seated and would forget about the whole ordeal. Kidnapped humans got replaced by lookalike dummies, including things they had on them. They tried hard not to alter the timeline.


I believe by your description it is the 1989 film MILLENIUM the key points match up to the films storyline

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I agree that the movie referred to is probably Millenium.

If memory serves well; the replacements where either human (like) 'blanks' or generic 'clones'. I am probably wrong on this!

Also, the rescued humans did not stay in the same 'root' time or place as their rescuers. Rather, they were sent to another time and / or place (possibly another planet) in order to restore the human race which was (by the root time) heading for extinction.

I'm going to have to buy Millenium now to find out!

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