I have noticed after watching several sci-fi movies where there are computer systems involved that more often than not the protagonist's computer has a female voice and the antagonist's computer has a male voice (two instances that come to mind are the Hood's computer in Thunderbirds (2004) and The USS Vengeance from ST: Into Darkness - not a comprehensive list I know but they're two that pop into mind). I was wondering if anyone could cite an instance where the antagonist's computer system has a female voice. Note, I don't count VIKI from I-Robot, because there is no protagonist computer system as such like in the examples I cited before. Note, I will accept answers for both movies and/or television series.


In the eleventh Pokémon movie, Giratina and the Sky Warrior, the antagonist Zero's ship is controlled by Infi, an AI with a female voice and the appearance of a female maid.


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