Where can SF fans who want to attend informal fannish gatherings find such gatherings?

Meetup.com can be spotty, and there are lots of groups that don't have a presence there.

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  • You can always head over to chat and ask about the local events, like Comic Con, and ask if anybody from your region will be attending and perhaps wants to meet up. – Major Stackings Apr 20 '13 at 23:07

Start your own group and advertise on Upcoming, Craigslist, and your local bookstore. Reach out to nearby users on GoodReads. If you want to game, try NearbyGamers. Ask around at your closest hacker space. I suggest pick a coffee shop (or some place you don't mind hanging out for a couple hours), advertise a new group, and see who shows up.

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I've been going to SF conventions since the 1970s, and I always have a great time. Pretty much anywhere you are in the world, there'll be a SF Con sometime this year that's not too far away.

Here are a few Con lists:

The next one I'm attending: Renovation, the 69th annual World Science Fiction Convention—aka WorldCon (Reno NV, August 17-21). If you can make it to only one, that's the one to make it to.

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  • like the bi-mon-sci-fi-con – benstraw Feb 9 '11 at 19:54
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In general, trying to find which club sponsors the local science fiction convention is a good way to meet fannish types, even if you are not into going to conventions.

In Denver, for instance, the Denver Area Science Fiction Association (DASFA) sponsors MileHiCon. (Disclaimer: I'm the editor of the newsletter for DASFA). We have actually hooked up the club to meetup as well, although most people who attend don't seem to RSVP (meetup says 3 people coming, 15-30 show up.)

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