We know there's been a lot of Enterprises - the NX-01, Original (TOS), the A, B, C, D and E at least (ignoring the F from Star Trek Online and the J from Enterprise). But is Enterprise the only ship name to have been christened multiple times? Ie have there been other ships labelled '(Insert ships' name here)-A' or more in any works (I will include all the television series', books, fan-made materials - anything basically)?


There have been ships that bear the same name with different registry numbers like the Excelsior, which had NCC-2000, and NCC-21445. There were at least 3 ships with name USS reg: Defiant NCC-1764, NX-74205, NCC-75633. There have also been three USS Constellations: NCC-1017, NX-1974 and NCC-55817.

But if you are primarily concerned about a following letter then I found two examples pretty quickly.


In regards to expanded universe (books, comics,games etc) starships, there's probably too many to give a complete answer, but here are a few I remember:

More can be found here at Memory Beta, a Star Trek expanded universe wiki.

I'm sure I remember reading somewhere that, in-universe, the use of letters on the registry was meant to be a unique thing in honour of Kirk's Enterprise, but I can't find the reference for that, and it might not be true in-universe anyway. In the notes for U.S.S Yamato at Memory Alpha they mention how there was confusion for it's number, as the model built to blow up in 'Contagion' was meant to show NCC-71807 but the dialogue in 'Where Silence Has Lease' says NCC-1305-E, so it's debatable what's canon there. But on the other hand, the second Defiant that shows up in DS9 was meant to be Defiant-A but it came down to a budgetary issue that stopped it.

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