Hi just I'm new to comic and I want to ask how to follow the release story arcs because I start with Batman: Night of the Owls I have bought the batman vol 1 court of owls,batman vol 2 city of owls and Night of the Owls. just want to ask what is the order I have to read


I read them, you should go like this:

  • Batman Vol. 1 - The Court of Owls

  • Batman Vol. 2 - City of Owls

  • Batman - Night of the Owls

enter image description here

The reason being is the three-part backup story "Fall of the House of Wayne" collected in the Night of the Owls book which, kind of, spoils key plot points regarding both the Pennyworths and the Waynes if read prior to City of Owls.

You may also want to read Nightwing Vol. 2 - Night of Owls which collects Nightwing #0 and #8-12.

The Batman - Night of the Owls book only collects issues 8 & 9 of Nightwing. But that is up to you of course. Oh, and Justice League #8 has a brief appearance of the Talons in it.

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