This book came out of the 1970s (early 1980's) at the latest. In it the protagonist, a not so diligent student, gets turned on to computer programming and creates (I think..) a weather program.

Eventually he moves on and years later the program contacts him. It has become an AI and he is its creator.

I forget what the setup is post contact which is not helpful at all..


This sounds like “The Adolescence of P-1” by Thomas J. Ryan

*"It features a hacker who creates an artificial intelligence named P-1, which goes rogue and takes over computers in its desire to survive and seek out its creator.

The book questions the value of human life, and what it means to be human."*

enter image description here

  • I feel like I won the Internet today. Amazing you found this. Thanks! Also thx for the cover image, I'd never seen it having read a hardcopy without the jacket from a library book sale 20 years ago. – John Armstrong Apr 20 '14 at 17:39

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