In the movie 'Thor', the causeway to Bifrost was obviously a power-feed to the bridge. It looks like a deck comprised entirely of some kind of hybrid crystalline and fiber optics power-feed cables routed from the Asgard city grid to the bridge controls. Would this be an accurate assessment and have their been any commentaries about it's composition or construction?


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In the original Norse poems (on which much of the "mythos" in the films Thor and its sequel are based), the bridge is described as being made of the colours of the rainbow;

"Hana muntu sét hafa, kann vera at þat kallir þú regnboga. Hon er með þrim litum ok mjök sterk ok ger með list ok kunnáttu meiri en aðrar smíðir"

("Thou must have seen it; it may be that ye call it 'rainbow.' It is of three colors, and very strong, and made with cunning and with more magic art than other works of craftsmanship.")

I remain unconvinced that this will help with the film adaptation where, as you say the Bridge seems to be composed of glass and electronics.

  • Fiberoptic (light) conduits. Those old Norse poems were sure prescient... or were they just talking about what they saw?
    – Morgan
    Commented Apr 25, 2014 at 3:25
  • Actually I think the actual 'bridge' would more accurately be the beam/transporter/wormhole/Einstein–Rosen bridge that Heimdall activates. The colored causeway is what feeds 'power?' to the mechanism that activates the bridge (between worlds). Still, your answer is a good step forward.
    – Morgan
    Commented Apr 25, 2014 at 4:41

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