The story follows a brother and sister (I think) and they have a relative who has modern dinosaur DNA or an egg or something. There is a scandal and they end up in the jungle somewhere where they have to eat an andaconda. I am pretty sure I read this about 6 years ago, but I am not sure if it was new then. There are not a lot of Dinos, and I am pretty sure the kids relative wants to capture the dino for some reason. The Dinos are hidden in the jungle so not a lot of ppl know they exist.


Wild guess: Cryptid Hunters (2 links)

From B&N summary

After their parents are lost in an accident, thirteen-year old twins Grace and Marty are whisked away to live with their Uncle Wolfe-an uncle that they didn't even know they had! The intimidating Uncle Wolfe is an anthropologist who has dedicated his life to finding cryptids, mysterious creatures believed to be long extinct. Twins, Grace and Marty, along with a mysterious uncle, are dropped into the middle of the Congolese jungle in search of their missing photojournalist parents.

It seems to match your description (except with eating an anaconda, although there might have been one. I don't remember. It has been years since I read the book):

  • brother and sister (twins)
  • modern dinosaur eggs
  • mess in Democratic Republic of Congo (scandal?)
  • hidden in jungle in DR of Congo
  • >6 years ago (published 2005)
  • not a lot of dinosaurs (2 eggs)
  • the family of the children are involved (somewhat spoilers)

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