I need help identifying a fantasy novel i read in the late 90s, about a woman with a magic gold hand?

In 98 or so I read a hardback fantasy novel that I can't remember the author or title for.

It featured a warrior woman who was captured by the big bad, and sent to his prison / mine. The Big Bad would lop off a limb of each of the prisoners, then force them to mine some magical golden material.

The main character woman was apparently a mage of some sort as well, and she managed to scrape up enough of the raw golden material to form herself a new hand out of it. Armed with her hand she manages to escape!

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I think you mean The Warrior Returns by Allen Cole

The author's website has an excerpt from the first chapter that includes this passage (emphasis mine):

My left arm throbbed and I groaned from the ghost pain. The pain made me angrier still. I'd sacrificed an eye and a hand for my goddess and my people. A golden eyepatch covered the right socket and a small scar cut that same cheek. I had a magical golden hand in place of the living one, which I'd lost in the mines of Koronos.


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