I was at a Science Fiction Convention in February and at a panel a writer was talking about Young Adult Genre crossing over into SF Genre with the focus on identity.

Since that is a common theme in YA books he brought up a book that he mentioned 'might not be in print any longer' so as it sounded very interesting I had made note of it, but somewhere along the line I lost the info.

In this book a young girl raised by a robot on an alien world and while she saw herself as human something had happened to her ( I think the robot might have used some kind of re-engineering on her so she could survive on the planet or perhaps she was disfigured or maybe she's not human, I'm not really sure ) so that she didn't look human.

As a result she was never allowed to look at herself in a mirror, or something, so when other humans finally found her it was hard for them to see her as human, ergo the identity aspect of the book: What makes one human? Is she human if she believes she is?

A few other details that I recall: She lived in a harsh world, everyone else in her group or settlement or whatever was dead and I had the impression they may have lived in a cave or something (though that could be wrong).

Now I never read this book and am not sure if I'm explaining it very well, I'm not even sure if it's from the 50's 60's 70's or 80's but I don't think it's more recent then that, so I hold no real belief that I can find the answer to WHAT IS THIS BOOK? even here...

Still I thought I might give it a shot as the story sounded very interested.


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The Keeper Of The Isis Light by Monica Hughes. After her parents died when she was a baby, her guardian robot genetically modified her so that she could live in the uplands of the planet Isis, where radiation levels were high. She developed lizard-like skin.

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    by Crom this sounds like the exact book (and it IS part of a series). Thank you kindly sueelleker and may I also say "Good Show Sir" Apr 28, 2014 at 8:27

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