So I'm still kinda new to the Star Trek universe. I've been watching Next Gen for about 4 seasons. I want to watch every show and movie in the order of the star trek universe has it.

Is there a list or something somewhere where I can find them in order?

I would like to stay, this isn't a duplicate. I've read the other question, and they do not ask what I'm trying to ask.

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Please see the timeline at the bottom of this table: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timeline_of_Star_Trek#Series_and_movie_settings

This is a straight copy pasta from DVK's answer


  • Because of the (over)abundance of time travel in the franchise, the "chronological" order is actually completely jumbled up. E.g. some episodes/movies are set in far future or far past for a part or nearly entirety of the episode. I will be omitting those from the first part of the answer..

  • The question is very extensively answered in a very good Wikipedia article - the answer below is merely a useful distillation.

Trek Timeline

In large strokes:

  1. 2151 to 2155: Star Trek: Enterprise (ST:ENT)

    Finale is set in 2161.

  2. 2233 to 2258: 2009 Star Trek reboot film (Alternate universe)

  3. 2259 to 2260: Star Trek Into the Darkness (Alternate universe)

  4. 2254 to 2269: Star Trek: The Original Series (ST: TOS).

    Individual per-season in universe years can be found on the Wiki

  5. 2269 to 2270: Star Trek: Animated Series (ST: TAS)

  6. 2273 to 2273: Star Trek the Motion Picture

  7. 2285 to 2293 Star Trek movies #2-6

    The Wrath of Khan, The Search for Spock, The Voyage Home, The Final Frontier, The Undiscovered Country; in that order.

    In-universe years on the Wiki.

  8. 2293 to 2371: Star Trek: Generations starts

    Movie prologue is before ST: TNG starts; the end of the movie happens after ST: TNG ends.

  9. 2364 to 2370: Star Trek: The Next Generation (ST:TNG)

  10. 2371 to 2371: Star Trek: Generations (bulk of the movie except prologue)

  11. 2373 to 2373: First Contact

  12. 2375 to 2375: Insurrection

  13. 2369 to 2375: Star Trek: Deep Space 9 (ST: DS9)

    • Partially overlaps with TNG, Generations and 2 TNG movies
    • Season 1 is same time as TNG season 6
    • Season 3 follows the end of TNG
  14. 2371 to 2378: ST: Voyager

    • Partially overlaps with DS9, Generations and 2 TNG movies.
    • Season 1 starts the year after TNG ends and same year as DS9 season 3
    • Season 5 follows the end of DS9.
  15. 2379 to 2379: Nemesis

  16. 2387 to 2387: 2009 ST reboot - before time travel backwards to 2233.

Individual episodes, as mentioned above, featured time travel to vaious past and future dates. Full list on the Wiki, but some random ones:

  • 3.5 Billion years ago (TNG)
  • 2840 BC (TOS)
  • 1893 (TNG)
  • 1930 (TOS)
  • 1986: Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
  • 2063: First Contact Cochrane timeline.
  • 31st Century (ENT)

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