Trying to find the name of a late 70's or early 80's tv horror anthology show. One story I remember was about a baseball pitcher who loses his hand or arm in car crash and gets the arm of an executed murder. The pitcher then starts to get the urge to kill.


It sounds like you're referring to the anthology horror film "Body Bags" starring Mark Hamill.

The third segment ('EYE') features a baseball player who receives an eye transplant and slowly evolves into a serial killer;

Brent Matthews is a Major League Baseball player whose life and career takes a turn for the worse when he gets into a serious car accident in which his right eye is gouged out. Unwilling to admit that his career is over, he jumps at the chance when a doctor tells him about an experimental surgical procedure to replace his eye with one from a recently deceased person which can restore his sight. After the surgery, Brent can see through his new eye, and is overjoyed at this miracle. But, soon after, Brent begins to see things out of his new eye that others cannot see, and it puts him and his wife Cathy in danger as Brent begins having nightmares of killing women and having sex with them. Brent seeks out the doctor who tells him that the donor of his new eye was a recently executed serial killer and necrophile who killed several young women, and then had sex with their dead bodies. Brent becomes convinced that the spirit of the dead killer is slowly taking over his body through his eye and enabling him to resume killing women. After Brent blacks out and wakes up near a crime scene where another young woman is killed, he flees back to his house where he tells the skeptic Cathy about what is going on with him. Just then the spirit of the killer emerges and attempts to kill Cathy as well. Cathy fights back, subduing him long enough for Brent to re-emerge. Realizing that it will only be a matter of time before the killer reemerges again, Brent cuts out his donated eye, severing his link with the killer, but he dies afterwards from bleeding to death.


Thanks, but I finally found out the name of the show. It was Quinn Martins Tales of the Unexpected(1977). The pitcher was played by Ricky Nelson.

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