In the The Lego Movie rule 1 of the sea is "Never sit on a pirates face".

For reference, this is covered when they are breaking into the Octon tower, and Metalbeard disguises himself as a photocopier. Just after this one of the robots photocopies its butt, which enrages the metal-pirate.

Just after the above, Metalbeard states the rule, and the scene cuts back to his ship, where there were a bunch of other rules of the sea.

Is there a complete list of "Metalbeard's Rules of the Sea"?

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The Official Lego Movie Metalbeard's Metal Beard's Rules of the Sea Facebook Page has a complete list.

Two are seen in the movie, the others were presumably invented to describe his actions or just for general amusement value;

Metalbeard Rule 1


Metalbeard Rule 2 Metalbeard Rule 3 Metalbeard Rule 4 Metalbeard Rule 5 Metalbeard Rule 6

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