There was a movie my late father had recorded, where they built a machine to drill down a volcano to the centre of the Earth's crust? Astronauts and scientists went on the mission. I remember a creepy world with a guy with long hair? They found another world.

The film was late 70s or 80s.

Not "The Core" or "Journey to the Center of the Earth", more like a combo of the two?


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This is a different 'Journey to the Centre of the Earth', from 1993 and featuring F. Murray Abraham, a pre-X-Files John Neville and pre-Voyager Tim Russ. I recall it's pretty dire and it's more like a feature-length pilot (that never got picked up) than a full movie.

The guy with long hair was some kind of subterranean being with, IIRC, some form of powers linked to a Macguffin that looked like a bit of circuitry, and I think there was intended to be some kind of meta-plot around rebuilding/reuniting the pieces of circuitry (one of the scientists on the ship, possibly John Neville, also had a piece). Presumably if it had been picked up for a series this would have been the overall arc plot.


Movie: At the Earths Core.


it is from 1978. it may be one you are talking about


Might it have been "Atragon" a 1963 Japanese sci fi film? It can be purchased on EBay or Amazon, they might have the theatrical trailer attached to verify.

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