I'm trying to recall a story I read several years ago. It was an urban fantasy with Greek gods involved in the plot. Our protagonist was a magical hacker of some sort, and he had a familiar, a goblin who could turn into a computer with access to magical networks. Some of the more powerful characters had "troll mainframes." The primary antagonist was Eris, and she had computers of her own: Apples. (Yes, the author really went there.)

Does this ring any bells for anyone?


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You're describing the "WebMage" series by Kelly McCullough.

Per N.Trachta's review:

Mr. McCullough does a very good job of merging our current world with that of Greek mythology. The Fates are very real, the Furies bite at you, and Eris is the goddess of discord (as Mr. McCullough points out nicely, the hackers goddess). The fascinating thing in this series is that the gods and goddess's use computers to execute their magic, something that Mr. McCullough sells very nicely by having the gods computers being living trolls (mainframes) and goblins (laptops/pcs).

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