In these days of the World Cup 2014, I'm looking for a short story about a revolution in a mythical South American country. It includes a football match with a neighboring country, and the total incineration of the referee by reflective programs in the hands of thousands of organized spectators.

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    Do you have any recollection of when you read it? Do you remember if it was part of an anthology or in a magazine? Any memories of characters or names? Was it in English or another language? Even small details could help us find this for you.
    – phantom42
    Jun 17, 2014 at 17:18

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Per wikipedia;

In 1958, the science fiction author Arthur C. Clarke published "A Slight Case of Sunstroke" (also called "The Stroke of the Sun"), a short story in which a diabolical card stunt was used to kill an unpopular soccer referee.

In the story, a large number of hostile spectators aim reflective program covers at the unfortunate umpire, who collapses and dies from the concentrated solar energy focused where he stood.

You can read the original article online here.

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