What is the game of Tak, from The Wise Man's Fear (introduced to Kvothe by Bredan in Vintas), closest to (if anything) in our world?

Quotes from the author preferred over pure guesswork.

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  • I don't know if you've found this or not as I seem to be a year or so late, but apparently there are actual rules now, if you head over to reddit.com/r/tak there are a variety of links to play and read the rules for tak, as well as downloadable games you can face off against ai in. – user54411 Oct 15 '15 at 16:36
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Yes, there is (finally!)

UPDATE #3: As mentioned by Alex in his comment above, Patrick Rofuss has now (as of October 2015) released a publicly available set of rules and a downloadable board which you can find here

"Tak will be in open beta until roughly February 2016. Shortly thereafter, we will launch a Kickstarter project to manufacture the game. We will be shooting for a $40 boxed game, with pieces and a 6x6 board, and we might also make a $25 "Traveler's Bag" with a 5x5 set inside, but no board. These prices are complete guesses, because we don't yet know much about making pieces like this."

UPDATE #2: As of July 2015, the game is in prototype stage, according to the book's author;

Still not convinced? I’ll bring along my prototype Tak set and we’ll play a game. A beautiful game.

UPDATE #1 - As of March 2014, Patrick Rothfuss has managed to successfully fund a kickstarter campaign to create a "Rules of Tak" alongside various sets of Magic/Gathering cards; Again, it's clear that it's similar to 'go' but not identical (and also that he doesn't have real rules for it (yet)).

Tak is a board game featured prominently in The Wise Man's Fear. It's a classic strategy game comparable to chess or go. And we'd like to make a real set of rules for it.

He also published this photo alongside the Kickstarter:

enter image description here

The game of Tak appears to be at least partially based on the classic Chinese game of Go however it's made clear in this February blog post that the author hasn't actually developed real rules for it (yet);

It’s pieces on a board, and largely tactical, as opposed to having a strong random element.

P.S. Okay. One final thing. When I was talking with James last night, he mentioned that as a game designer, the thought of designing a game like Tak was really interesting to him.

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