This a short story about an unnamed pioneer/settler woman in charge of a group of people living in a cave. Time keeps shifting outside the cave, and they end up in different eras/epochs in history. She is also making some sort of tapestry(?) which she realises is a map or guide to where they'll end up next.

We thought this might have been a Stephen King story but couldn't find it. It was read in the last few years as part of an anthology (in paperback, pre e-readers), but unfortunately we've no idea when it might have been published.

Many thanks for any help.


Possibly Dame Anne McCaffrey's "A Flock of Geese"?

The cave was populated by random refugees, not an organized party. One woman ran the group; she would have preferred a permanent group who didn't challenge her authority, but so far it hadn't happened. Her greatest advantage was that she could sense when a time-shift was about to occur and could get back to safety. The cave was a safe place because it was in a place that hadn't changed geologically during human history.

It shows up in Moonsinger's Friends and The Girl Who Heard Dragons.

And it's a quilt that she's working on according to the Google Books excerpt that I've found.

There is a second linked story, included in The Girl Who Heard Dragons, "The Bones Do Lie".


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