I remember catching this show maybe 2-3 times randomly while channel surfing as a kid. That being said, I only have fragments of what I remember.

  • I remember that there was a group of kids. Maybe from 12-15 or so in age.
  • I remember they had the power to teleport either to and from an underground base, or they could teleport freely.
  • The setting was in London... or Sydney... I can't remember and it was so long ago, I'm blending the accents they had... I'm pretty sure it was London, tho.
  • The group of kids had other powers maybe, I don't recall.

I watched this occasionally as a kid. It's a UK show called The Tomorrow People. It was a remake of an older show of the same name, but the original was quite different from the 90's version.

  • Yes, definitely the 90s remake of the Tomorrow People. It had Todd from Neighbours plus a bunch of British kids, hence the mixed accents. – Daniel Roseman Oct 9 '11 at 21:58
  • Oh man I used to watch the original on The Third Eye on Nickleodeon stateside. I loved that show. – peacedog Oct 9 '11 at 22:13

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