The prophecy about "the one who will bring balance to the force" is mentioned several times. From the discussion, the implication is that virgin birth is part of it, along with a few other factors that would make Anakin seem like the person it described.

But is the actual prophecy ever stated anywhere? Just how much do we know about what it said? Having just re-watched The Phantom Menace, the only clues we get are that it seems to include virgin birth and the high midichlorian count.

It's also interesting that this is the only prophecy, at least in the movies and TV show, that is ever mentioned.


This is from the novelization. It expands a little bit on it but doesn't fully answer your question. This is the only time prophecy is mentioned in the book.

There was a prophecy, so old its origins had long since been lost, that a chosen one would appear, imbued with an abundance of midichlorians, a being strong with the Force and destined to alter it forever. It was Mace Windu who gave voice to the Council's thoughts. "You refer to the prophecy," he said quietly. "Of the one who will bring balance to the Force. You believe it is this boy."

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