I've done some research but couldn't find much at all regarding the specifications of the NS-5 units. I know that they were made from some sort of alloy (because Sonny had 'denser alloy'), they were bi-pedal, received wireless updates from US Robotics (USR) and were about human height, but you've gotta admit that's pretty basic information.

I was wondering if anyone knew more detailed specifications of the NS-5 units e.g. height, maximum strength, computational specifications; basically as much information as is canonically available.


The original www.irobotnow.com website offered the following information about the NS-5's specifications;

  • The NS-5's positronic brain can perform more than 6 trillion calculations per second

  • The NS-5 comes equipped with 1 terabyte of memory and direct access to the sea of data housed at URN.

  • In addition to being nearly 100% energy efficient, the NS-5, in a pinch, can provide up to 13 hours of power at 29.2/16.9A.

  • At a hair shy of six feet tall, the NS-5 goes any and everywhere you can.

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