The hero was the last of his kind (not a human) who was a member of a warrior race.

  • He had a sidekick alien that communicated through telepathy.

  • I think he was described as a "centurion" (?) or something similar.

  • It would have been published approx 1978 to 1990.

  • I think it was at least a couple of books.


The Last Legionary series by Douglas hill

The protagonist is the last of a warrior race, all the others were killed by a radiation weapon and he has a small flying telepathic alien as his companion. The first 4 books below are the overall story arc where he is the last of his people and meets the telepathic alien, the 5th book is a prequel.

  1. Galactic Warlord (1979)

  2. Deathwing over Veynaa (1980)

  3. Day of the Starwind (1980)

  4. Planet of the Warlord (1981)

  5. Young Legionary (1982)

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