Fifteen years ago I started to read interesting sci fi book, but did not finish. Now, after these years I would to read it again (and this time finish :), but I can not remember nor the title, nor the author. Maybe you guys could help me? :)

As far as I remember, the story is about a man, who is expelled from matriarchal squad to live on his own in jungle (not sure). One woman from the group decides to go with the man. On their journey they meet some alien species, which can sit atop a human’s head and connect with their brain.

It’s discovered that long ago, people and aliens lived constantly in this kind of symbiosis. I think there are also bug species who are active only during the day day, but not at night, and are suffering from attacks from species who can be active at night. The protagonist is helping the bug species by installing batteries on them.

That's all I remember. I would be very grateful if someone could tell me the title of this book.

  • Sounds a little bit like Lilith's Brood in parts, but with important differences. Hmmm. – SlowLearner Aug 29 '14 at 18:40

The second half of the request sounds a lot like Sentenced to Prism, by Alan Dean Foster. It has the idea of species that are dormant at night, and are therefore helpless. But the hero of the book introduces the idea of a battery, which they then create and use.

The rest of the request doesn't match, though.

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