I am trying to identify a story I read decades ago that I visualize this way and often think about when I am cross country running:

There is a machine that I visualize as round, with some way to destroy people (such as injecting them with something) that relentlessly chases the protagonist to run him down.

I seem to associate the name Ruun with the story.


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This is "The Ruum" by Arthur Porges

Per wikipedia:

"A shape-shifting, indestructible robot—a "Type H-9 Ruum"—is accidentally left behind on earth during the age of the dinosaurs by visiting aliens, and not recovered because their ship is destroyed in a battle. The Ruum's work is collecting different species of animals within a 30 mile radius, weighing 160 pounds (give or take 15 pounds) and preserving them in a state of suspended animation for later retrieval."

A full copy of the text (complete with illustrations) is available here.

enter image description here

You might also be interested to hear that the story had a sequel called "A specimen for the queen".

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