Many nouns in the Italian version of Harry Potter have been changed to something else.

Is there a comprehensive dictionary encompassing all changes? Including characters, spells, objects, places, everything.

There are a few of them (very few) listed in the introduction of every book, but it's only a very small list: I'm searching for something that at least makes some serious effort in trying to be complete.

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I would guess there is no complete list.

The HP Wiki, while not usually considered canonical, has several articles as part of a “Harry Potter in translation” series which may be useful to somebody reading the books in Italian. Each page has a list of terms and the word used in each of the translations.

Here are the lists they currently have:

I don’t know if any more are planned, but the series master post is probably the place to find such lists.

These articles probably don’t encompass all changes or translations, but they’re the most complete resource that I’ve found.


I've just found this page: http://www.diagonalley.it/traduttore.php :) Exactly what I was looking for.


Well, seeing as there's nothing as comprehensive as you describe in English, I doubt there would be anything like this in Italian. A quick search of US Amazon and the Wikipedia does not show any Harry Potter compilations. Originally, J.K. Rowling was going to do a Harry Potter encyclopedia, which she took to calling "The Scottish Book", but eventually the idea of writing a massive book morphed into the Pottermore website, which has an Italian version.

Personally, I would die for an accurate and comprehensive Harry Potter compilation!

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