Could anyone please tell me the titles of the songs played from 6:50 to 7:57 minutes (two songs, one after another) in Transformers: Age of Extinction?


The first song (played as Tessa drives up with her friends) is First Light, by Racing Glaciers.

The second song (played as Tessa walks up the driveway) is Tessa, composed by Steve Jablonsky.

Source: a copy of the movie, boredom and Google/Youtube.


I haven't seen the movie, (and probably won't) but Wikipedia seems to have the complete score. With that and YouTube to hear a couple minutes of each you should be able to ID those songs.

The songs and score are written and composed by Steve Jablonsky.

  1. "Decision" 4:20
  2. "Best Thing That Ever Happened" 2:06
  3. "I'm an Autobot" 5:06
  4. "Optimus is Alive" 2:17
  5. "Cemetery Wind" 5:53
  6. "His Name is Shane and He Drives" 5:17
  7. "Hacking the Drone" 2:05
  8. "Transformium" 3:24
  9. "Galvatron is Online" 1:56
  10. "Your Creators Want You Back" 3:26
  11. "The Final Knight" 4:07
  12. "Punch Hold Slide Repeat" 2:12
  13. "The Presence of Megatron" 2:51
  14. "Galvatron is Active" 4:13
  15. "Have Faith Prime" 1:29
  16. "Hong Kong Chase" 1:43
  17. "The Legend Exists" 1:16
  18. "Dinobot Charge" 6:37
  19. "That's a Big Magnet" 2:51
  20. "Drive Backwards" 2:05
  21. "Honor to the End" 5:18
  22. "Leave Planet Earth Alone" 3:47
  23. "The Knight Ship" 3:21

So, depending on the length of the opening credits, you are probably looking for Best Thing That Ever Happened and I'm an Autobot.

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