In the movie 'Scott Pilgrim vs. The World' in the final confrontation, Ramona is seated next to Gideon. She expresses that she is under his control, I assume mentally as there were no restraints.

How did he control/suppress her? Why does she not help Scott in the final battle?

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She was controlled by a mind control chip of sorts.

enter image description here

From the wiki:

Gideon's Microchip is a device seen only in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World as a mind control device used on Ramona to follow Gideon's commands whenever he's around (Breaking up with Scott, Telling Scott that she was still with Gideon, etc.) and keeps her docile during Gideon's first fight against Scott in the movie. It is implanted on the back of her head and glows green when active.

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