In the season 7, episode 21 "Firstborn", Lursa revealed she was pregnant. An heirloom brought from the future suggests the child would be a boy.

We know that the future was changed. Was she still carrying the fetus when the Enterprise-D blew up her ship in Star Trek : Generations?

  • We know that the average Klingon pregnancy is approximately 30 weeks

  • The events of Generations (2371) take place more than 30 weeks after the events of TNG : Firstborn (2370)

  • There's no evidence that Lursa is pregnant or that the child was on board Lursa and B'etor's Bird-of-Prey

It's reasonable to assume that the birth took place exactly as before, unaffected by the altered timeline. The child's life will obviously be drastically affected by the death of his mother.

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