Long ago (15 years?), I partially read a novel which I really liked. I don't remember the title or full plot of it. I would be grateful if some one can identify it from the limited plot below:

Three (or four) teenagers are taken from their worlds (or different places on earth) to a strange world full of trolls, gems, powers etc. Each one gets attracted a particular colored gem which gives them a particular power. They keep going forward battling all obstacles to achieve some vague objective.

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This is the Diadem, Worlds of Magic series of books by John Peel.

  • 3 teenagers leave their own worlds (via portals) to travel to a central world
  • Gems give them powers (levitation, communication, earth, and shape-shifting, etc)
  • Trolls are a regular feature
  • Battling and whatnot.
  • Originally published in 1997, approx 17 years ago.

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