I have been doing some reading and researching about Yoda's species.

It seems that, even if their species name and homeworld remain a mystery (and are wanted to remain a mystery), there is evidence of other members of his species among the Jedi and even among the Jedi council (such as masters Yaddle and Vandar Tokare).

Some of the references state that

all known members of the [Yoda's] species were Jedi

So I understand that that statement does not mean that every member of the species is a Jedi. Nevertheless, as with any other species, odds are that some of those Jedi might follow the Dark Side (unless the members of the Yoda's species have some sort of remarkable understanding of the Force and resistance to the Dark Side's temptation).

Are there any known Sith (or any other kind of followers of the Dark Side of the Force) from Yoda's species my question is.

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Within the Star Wars canon, there are remarkably few members of Yoda's species that we can point at. Of the six that have appeared in any officially licensed media (Minch, Oteg, Vandar, Yaddle, Yoda and Grogu (Baby Yoda)) all, with the obvious exception of "the Child", have been active members of the Jedi order. This obviously doesn't preclude that a member of his species might turn to the Dark Side of the Force but there's simply no evidence one way or another.

For the record, Yoda does fight his own Dark impulses in the final episode of The Clone Wars so there's a distinct possibility that his species can/could turn to the Dark Side.

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